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Data Architechture

We do not assume that all needed data would be readily available for integration,reporting and analysis. To help bridge this gap we bring forth expertise in data architecture and data sourcing to collate and organize structured and unstructured data from a wide array of sources and enable it for analysis.

Our expertise runs the spectrum of commercial technologies and Open source technologies like Blockchain, R and Hadoop. We are equally adept and traditional data architecture and big data architecture.

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Data Science

We employ a range of analytical and statistical techniques to glean hidden insights from large volumes of data. We also leverage our analytical techniques to help develop strategies that lead to better business outcomes.

Our data science gurus leverage Time series forecasting, Event sequence mining, Classification, Clustering, Association mining, NLP, Neural Network and other algorithms to do get actionable business intelligence.

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Data Visualization

We use the latest tools and techniques to produce dashboard, reports and other analysis that is purposeful, easy to understand, visually stunning highly interactive and mobile enabled. We are experts in best in class visualization tools like Tableau,POWERBI, Spotfire, Qlik, RoamBI etc.

and other that help us turn simple data into useful intelligence. We are enabling 'Master Data Management' (MDM) solutions to our various clients.

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Our Product


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useData Quality

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useData Model

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useData Management

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useMDM Publishing

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useOndemand Match

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Our Differentiator

Business Expertise

UsefulBI mission is to enable better business decisions through Business Intelligence. We do this by starting with a deep understanding of the business context and business need. Our founding team collectively has 40+ years of experience in the domains we focus on and we staff each engagement with a functional expert who drives the business centricity through the engagement.

Golbal Delivery Model

We have office based in Boston, Silicon Valley and Bangalore India with future expansion planned for Europe and Latin America. We leverage global talent to bring unprecedented quality of work without the implied premium. The typical approach is to start by understanding the business problem and then identifying the data sources required to solve the problem, data scientists of our team then identify the algorithms and technologies that we would deploy to solve the problem and tools to best communicate and visualize the same.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are obsessed with being experts in the latest tools and technologies in our space – whether for data visualization, analysis or sourcing. Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, Hadoop, R, SAS, Matlab etc. are all part of our core skillset. We are equally obsessive about our data science skills – we carefully select and apply the right data science algorithms and techniques to the right problems.

End to End Delivery Model

We are a one stop shop that can take a business decision making need and do everything from data sourcing to data analysis and reporting. We have a very flexible delivery model where we partner closely with our clients to provide some or all of this data value chain.

Highly Skilled Staff

We believe in hiring and retaining the best talent in the field. Our team comprises Ph.D., Masters in Science and Mathematics, Engineers from various fields. Data nerds with a passion for solving business problems aptly describes our typical team member.


Leading Data Virtualization/Integration technology


Job Opportunities

Explore the many exciting career opportunities at UsefulBI. We have immediate needs for the various roles at San Francisco,Banglore and Jaipur office
  • Supply Chain Business Analyst - Banglore,India
  • Senior NODE JS Engineers - Banglore/Jaipur, India
  • Various ReactJS Developers - Banglore, India
  • Various Dev OPS ( KAFKA, Dockers, AWS etc. - Banglore/Jaipur, India
  • Product Quality Test Lead - Banglore/Jaipur, India
  • C/C++ Engineers - Banglore/Jaipur, India
  • Scrum Master - Jaipur, India
  • Integration Architects with Data Virtualization, Data Integration etc. - Bay Area,CA
  • MDM Architect - Bay Area,CA
  • Associate Data Scientist - Banglore,India
  • Data Visualization Engineer - Banglore,India
  • Associate Scientist - Banglore,India

Please email hr@usefulbi.com with your latest resume and the above opening name in the subject.

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